Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A pack of 2009 Bowman 48

Hey guys,
This is my first review for quite a while! On Saturday night I headed to the mall, where they have a local card shop..just wanted to check out the latest products, pricing,etc...WAAAY overpriced lol so i bought 1 pack of bowman 48 basketball and 1 pack of 08 donruss threads baseball...the threads didnt yield anything nice(except for a thick filler! lol)..Although i must mention the design on those cards is absolutely bautiful, along with the players that are featured in the sets: Willie Mays,Pete Rose,Mccovey,and plenty other old timers! Along with prospects of last year:bonaficio,jharmidy dejesus,etc.
The Bowman 48 yielded 2 numbered cards! Along with 3 base cards, I pulled a numbered rookie card of Blake Griffin /2009 :) and a numbered base card of Rick Barry /1948! I really recommend this product(I have busted at least 1 box before). Although I can't tell you just by this pack, how nice this product is, but A LOT of the autographs in the set are VERY VERY VERY NICE! Magic Johnson,OJ Mayo,Dwyane Wade, and many other GREAT players! The design is OK, although I am not such a huge fan of it! Most of the cards come out in a bent shape, and the cards feel like they were printed on some pretty cruddy cardboard! Hope you guys like my first review since I have been back..more to come tonight :)

I will be reboosting this site!

Hey guys,
Long time no speak(well type) I will be on this blog more and more now, busting more packs, posting more maildays, and eventually boxes every now and then so stay tuned!