Saturday, February 20, 2010

Results of 2 boxes

Hey here are the results of the 2 boxes...lemme know if you guys like anything :):

Box 1:
Joey Votto /599
Aaron Poreda RC /599
Hideki Matsui /599
The hit:
Ken Griffey Jr/Bo Jackson Dual auto /72(Redemption)

Box 2:
David Wright /599
Aaron Cunningham /599
Kosuke Fukodome /599
The hit:
Nick Markakis Ultimate Patch 2/35..Awesome Patch :)

In my honest honest honest opinion...everyone should definitely buy 1 box of this :-) EVERY BOX IS BASICALLY A VERY COOL CARD! IF YOU CARE ABOUT RIPPING AND FLIPPING THEN you might not want to buy this box, as the chances of ripping and flipping are not so high, although many boxes do give you your money back. The ultimate patches are sick though. I have seen some very nice ones pulled! I really like the design of the base cards, awesome snapshots of the players. Although I wish there would be some sort of parallels of the base cards that were lowered then /599. Or at least it would be nice to see the rookies numbered lower.

Thanks for looking :)

2 Boxes of 2009 Ultimate Collection comin up...

Hey guys I have 2 boxes I am going to bust :) Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A pack of 2009 Bowman 48

Hey guys,
This is my first review for quite a while! On Saturday night I headed to the mall, where they have a local card shop..just wanted to check out the latest products, pricing,etc...WAAAY overpriced lol so i bought 1 pack of bowman 48 basketball and 1 pack of 08 donruss threads baseball...the threads didnt yield anything nice(except for a thick filler! lol)..Although i must mention the design on those cards is absolutely bautiful, along with the players that are featured in the sets: Willie Mays,Pete Rose,Mccovey,and plenty other old timers! Along with prospects of last year:bonaficio,jharmidy dejesus,etc.
The Bowman 48 yielded 2 numbered cards! Along with 3 base cards, I pulled a numbered rookie card of Blake Griffin /2009 :) and a numbered base card of Rick Barry /1948! I really recommend this product(I have busted at least 1 box before). Although I can't tell you just by this pack, how nice this product is, but A LOT of the autographs in the set are VERY VERY VERY NICE! Magic Johnson,OJ Mayo,Dwyane Wade, and many other GREAT players! The design is OK, although I am not such a huge fan of it! Most of the cards come out in a bent shape, and the cards feel like they were printed on some pretty cruddy cardboard! Hope you guys like my first review since I have been back..more to come tonight :)

I will be reboosting this site!

Hey guys,
Long time no speak(well type) I will be on this blog more and more now, busting more packs, posting more maildays, and eventually boxes every now and then so stay tuned!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday,Jan.25th Pack breaks

Hey, I broke 4 packs altogether...1 pack topps treausry, 1 pack topps cosigners 08/09, 1 pack 07-08 trade mark moves, 1 pack Upper Deck 07/08...these were all retail packs from target:
Topps Treasury-
Andrei Kirilineko Base
Allen Iverson Base
Ryan Gomes Base
Al Jefferson Base
Kosta Koufos RC

Topps Cosigners-
Andrei Kirilenko Base
Jamaal Crawford Base
Caron Butler Base
Manu Ginobili Base
Danilo Gallinari RC /199

Trademark Moves-
Paul Pierce Base
Jason Kidd Base
Pau Gasol Base
Amare Stoudemire Base
Jermaine O neal base

Upper Deck-
Boris Diaw Base
Shawn Marion Base
Mike Miller Base
Jason Williams Base
Shaq Base

only hit-Kwame Brown GU

Friday, January 23, 2009

Here is my trade/sell list

Acie Law IV auto/gu- bowman elevation rc 07/08
Mario West auto from spx 08/09
Topps Treausry 08/09 Bargnani GU
Topps Treasury Tinsley gu
Brandon Roy GU fleer ultra se 07/08
Josh Smith Dual GU SPX 07/08
Courtney Lee auro rc/triple gu /599 from spx 08/09
Acie Law RC UD sweet shot-on ball piece 07/08 /299
Chris Duhon auto UD sweet shot-ignature shots-on ball piece 07/08 /279
Morris Almond auto/2 color dual gu SP Rookie Threads 07/08 /799
Kyle Weaver auto/2 color dual gu SP Rookie Threads rc card 08/09 /599
Carl Landry Auto/Dual GU SP Rookie Threads 07/08 /799
Pat Ewing JR. Auto RC SP rookie threads 08/09
Kevin Love dual gu spx 08/09
Thabo Sefalosha UD Sweet Shot rookies autograph 06/07 /799
Al Horford/Kevin Durant rc/quad GU-kd's gu white, horfords gu black from 07/08 ultimate collection /99
Nick Young auto team logo patch from topps letterman 2008/2009 #'d 19/19

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Few Pack Breaks On 1/19/2009

Hey, I busted a couple packs...2 of topps cosigners 08/09, the other a pack of bowman draft picks....i got:
Kobe Bryant Base
Kirk Hinrich Base
Mo Williams Base
Allen Iverson Base
Baron Davis Base
Duncan Base
Jeff Green Base
Pau Gasol Base
Roy Hibbert RC /2008
I was shorted one card :( unfortunately I was shorted the numbered card!! This product is pretty good...the cards glossiness is very nice, and the pictures of the players are pretty neat. Also the good thing about the packs is that there is some sort of numbered card be it a parallel, superfractor,autograph,dual autograph and so on!

The Bowman Chrome Pack I got:
T-Mac Base
Leando Barbose Base
Joe Johnson Base
Mareese Speights bowman rc
J,J, Hickson bowman rc

Also got a mailday on 1/20/2009(Inauguration day woo hoo) I received:
Andre Iguodala Number Patch Auto /75 from letterman for my pc
Sean Williams Number Patch Auto /75 from Letterman for my PC
Kevin Durant/Al Horford quad relic card /99 rc