Saturday, February 20, 2010

Results of 2 boxes

Hey here are the results of the 2 boxes...lemme know if you guys like anything :):

Box 1:
Joey Votto /599
Aaron Poreda RC /599
Hideki Matsui /599
The hit:
Ken Griffey Jr/Bo Jackson Dual auto /72(Redemption)

Box 2:
David Wright /599
Aaron Cunningham /599
Kosuke Fukodome /599
The hit:
Nick Markakis Ultimate Patch 2/35..Awesome Patch :)

In my honest honest honest opinion...everyone should definitely buy 1 box of this :-) EVERY BOX IS BASICALLY A VERY COOL CARD! IF YOU CARE ABOUT RIPPING AND FLIPPING THEN you might not want to buy this box, as the chances of ripping and flipping are not so high, although many boxes do give you your money back. The ultimate patches are sick though. I have seen some very nice ones pulled! I really like the design of the base cards, awesome snapshots of the players. Although I wish there would be some sort of parallels of the base cards that were lowered then /599. Or at least it would be nice to see the rookies numbered lower.

Thanks for looking :)

2 Boxes of 2009 Ultimate Collection comin up...

Hey guys I have 2 boxes I am going to bust :) Stay tuned.