Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Few Pack Breaks On 1/19/2009

Hey, I busted a couple packs...2 of topps cosigners 08/09, the other a pack of bowman draft picks....i got:
Kobe Bryant Base
Kirk Hinrich Base
Mo Williams Base
Allen Iverson Base
Baron Davis Base
Duncan Base
Jeff Green Base
Pau Gasol Base
Roy Hibbert RC /2008
I was shorted one card :( unfortunately I was shorted the numbered card!! This product is pretty good...the cards glossiness is very nice, and the pictures of the players are pretty neat. Also the good thing about the packs is that there is some sort of numbered card be it a parallel, superfractor,autograph,dual autograph and so on!

The Bowman Chrome Pack I got:
T-Mac Base
Leando Barbose Base
Joe Johnson Base
Mareese Speights bowman rc
J,J, Hickson bowman rc

Also got a mailday on 1/20/2009(Inauguration day woo hoo) I received:
Andre Iguodala Number Patch Auto /75 from letterman for my pc
Sean Williams Number Patch Auto /75 from Letterman for my PC
Kevin Durant/Al Horford quad relic card /99 rc

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